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About Northumbria Police Federation

Northumbria Police Federation is one of 43 forces that make up the National Police Federation of England and Wales which represents every member of the Police service up to the rank of Chief Inspector.

The role of the Federation is twofold, to represent members in all matters affecting their welfare and to be involved in and promote issues which affect the efficiency of the Force.

Established by the Police Act of 1919 the National Federation has evolved to an establishment of some 120,000 serving officer. It is funded by monthly subscriptions from officers with no cost to the public. The Federation works on two levels, the Local Federation and the National Federation.

On a national level, the Federation negotiates with Government and other bodies on issues such as police pay and conditions whilst locally, the Federation represents officers in discussions with senior officers, the police authority and other bodies.

Your local branch board is controlled and managed entirely by serving police officers and is not affiliated or associated with any bodies outside the service. Unlike a Trade Union the Police Federation is completely independent and has no power to seek any form of industrial action.

The Federation Representative is elected by you, to look after you and they receive high quality training in aspects such as Misconduct, Equality and Health and Safety.

We are here to provide support and encourage you to engage with us through face-to-face contact, by calling, or by sending an email to explore how we may assist you.

Furthermore take time to look through this site, view the full contents such as the member services area which is negotiated for and provided for your benefit.

Displaying what you want to know from all of the information we have is a fine balance, and so we shall be regularly updating the site to accommodate what it is you want us to put on here.

Your suggestions are always welcome.

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