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About us

A trusted provider for utility management solution for businesses:

Switch Gas & Power is a trusted provider of utility management solutions for businesses and is committed to offering exceptional levels of service and expertise.

We have 20 plus years of experience and we believe in improving our services by providing dynamic, independent and market-leading energy consultancy services which enhances the clarity and transparency to complex sector. We offer a lot of key services to monitor, manage and control usage along with advising on regulatory compliance.

We follow and comply with the laws of industry practice. Switch gas and power works on a wide field of sectors like-

  • Retail
  • Housing Sector
  • Public services
  • Transport
  • Leisure, Sport and Tourism
  • Manufacturing Industry

Switch gas and power is a customer focussed energy consultancy that provides a range of gas, electricity procurement solution for businesses. The in-depth knowledge of these essential commodities helps us to work closely with clients for providing a range of services from sourcing the best value contracts to monitoring, personally managing and controlling usage.

Switch gas and power energy's team are a set of dedicated analysts who research the market find the best solution, tailored for each client, advising on complex legislation and technicalities. Being totally independent, a full market analysis is offered by us. Our energy consultants help to procure all elements at varying and significant costs.

  • What we do?
  • Helps in enabling the tender process to begin by gathering all information about your site
  • Developing pricing schedules along with preparing tender documents
  • We issue tender only to eligible suppliers and ensure full compliance to public sector clients by using our own framework
  • Produce a fully auditable summary to assist client's decision after performing a detailed analysis of all contract offers
  • Recommending the best value of contracts for your company
  • Working together with successful gas suppliers through the contract completion and registration process
  • Ensuring timely start of new contract
  • Resolving any billing or contractual issues throughout the duration of the gas contract
  • We help in managing the gas contract renewal process and your business can save money by tendering its contract

Flexible Energy Contract

Our flexible energy procurement service helps businesses to take advantage of wholesale price movements to buy gas and electricity at the most favourable time. Our experienced energy consultants provide the best solution for purchasing flexible energy, based on usage and current rate.

How can flexible energy procurement benefit your business?

As the wholesale market changes constantly, it provides opportunities to secure volume at lower price You can generate lower energy bills by taking control of the energy purchased

Our flexible energy contracts

Our consultants provide in-depth analysis by monitoring the energy market to identify the best time for new gas or electricity contract which minimizes any potential risk and assures the best value If your business could benefit from any change in the energy market, we will contact you and adjust your contract to help you to take advantage of the contract

Account Management

Our experienced and dedicated teams provide a variety of key services starting with final documentation to handling ad-hoc inquires and properly monitoring the billing process. The method of providing effective account management begins after the choice of your energy suppliers. This involves a series of activities-

Ensuring all contract documentation is finalised

Ensuring that each site go carry on the contract start date by managing site registration

Dealing with any objections as a matter of urgency to make sure the beginning date isn't delayed

Ensuring correct implementation of account billing

Manage client's portfolio of websites by regular updates

Deal with unintentional billing queries

Why use an energy consultancy?

Energy procurement is a complicated forum and energy consultants help clients in getting the best from the suppliers.

An experienced commercial energy consultant recommends a series of considerations from choosing the most effective contracts and understanding the non-energy elements of your bill to compliance with key regulatory and administrative requirements.

A trusted, independent energy consultant is a mediator between commercial energy suppliers and businesses, delivering key benefits.

Why choose Switch Gas and Power to manage your utilities?

We believe in delivering utility management that promises exceptional service and unrivalled result.

We offer a variety of customer-focused service - be it installation of new meters, supply contracts or bill validation.

Switch Gas & Power brings clarity and transparency to a complex sector, combined with value-added innovation along with in-depth industry knowledge and skill.

We believe in giving our customers the best personal service available and agreeing the best possible deal for them. We look to help with all aspects of energy management.

If you are interested in using ourselves please email norpolfed@switchgasandpower.co.uk or ring 0191 7318832 or 07854246555

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