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New Gym Facility at Middle Engine Lane

A new fully equipped gym is now open at Middle Engine Lane Police Station for use by police officers and police staff who are members of Northumbria Police Sports & Social Club.

This venture is jointly funded by Northumbria Police Federation and Northumbria Police Sports and Social Club (NPSSC).

The gym is fully equipped with treadmill, cross trainer, fitness cycle, weight lifting equipment and rowing machine.

"We are delighted to have been able to work with both the Force and the Northumbria Police Sports & Social Club (NPSSC) in successfully achieving the goal of creating a gym at Middle Engine Lane.

The simple fact is that my Federation colleagues and I are absolutely determined to continue to find as many different ways as we can to support our members and add value to the service which we give them. The significant financial support, from non-subscription funds, which we have given to this project should be seen as real evidence of that.

We are very keen to discuss with the Chief Constable and the NPSSC how we can assist in both creating other gyms in the Force and improving existing ones."