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You may be entitled to a tax refund

If you pay tax, there's a fairly high chance you've paid too much.

As a member of Northumbria Police Federation, you are eligible to have your tax code checked by professional tax experts at The Tax Refund Company.

Very few members think they are owed a refund before they use this service. Most of those getting a refund are pleasantly surprised when a cheque arrives in the post.

The main points to note are...

  • For every £1 paid back by HMRC, you keep 62p (minimum fee £38*)
  • Your review is free if you do not get a tax refund
  • You will keep all future savings
  • Peace of mind guaranteed - in the rare event you get an unexpected tax bill as a direct result of using this service, it will be paid for you**
You should not assume HMRC will send you a refund if you have overpaid tax. It is up to you to check if you have paid too much tax and claim it back if you have.

To have your tax codes checked and see if you are due a tax refund click here.

This is your hard-earned money. Why let The Revenue keep it?

*If your refund is less than £38, the minimum fee will be reduced to the same value as your refund, so you have nothing more to pay

**T&C's apply

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