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Trauma Risk Incident Management (TRiM)

The Force's approach to supporting trauma in the workplace is changing as part of their on-going commitment to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

As part of this approach the Force has trained a team of 40 officers and staff as Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) Practitioners across the Force.

TRiM is not a medical intervention, but a voluntary, peer led support system designed to help police officers and staff deal with traumatic events they may encounter during the course of their everyday work. It enables early identification of normal post trauma reactions, and those reactions which may require additional intervention via an initial and follow up assessment process.

Referrals for TRiM post trauma assessments can be made via the Trauma Risk Management Mailbox. The mailbox will be monitored by the TRiM Co-ordinator and practitioners and TRiM support will be offered to all officers and staff referred post incident. Referrals can be made for multiple members of a team or for individual officers / staff.

The levels of TRiM support on offer include:

  1. Practitioners can hold a briefing to provide further information and support to a whole team; post incident. This can be useful if a whole team is potentially affected by an incident rather than individual officers.
  2. Practitioners can make a call to each individual officer referred and can discuss and offer the TRiM support available.
  3. Practitioners can issue a copy of our post trauma (TRiM) email and leaflet to each individual officer referred. This provides further information regarding post trauma reactions and the support available to officers / staff along with contact details of the TRiM practitioner if further support is requested.

Following major incidents, TRiM practitioners are available to attend and support as part of the Post Incident Procedure. Any requests for attendance post incident should be made via the FOM / SMT / PIM (via Northern Comms).

Where it is identified by the TRiM Practitioner that further support is required for an individual, then this can be provided quickly and appropriately by the TRiM Co-ordinator.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please email the Trauma Risk Management Mailbox.

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